Lake Trout And Blue Collar Good Job

Lake TroutBlue Collar Good Job After a month long sleep, I finally felt like venturing out for some eating and food photo snapping. One of the restaurants I was waiting to open was Lake Trout. They're serving up fried fish, fried fish sandwich, crab cakes, fried shrimp and for the seafood haters...wings. The filet-o-fish from McDs is one of my favorite fast food sandwiches, though of course I haven't eaten one in a waaaaay long time. So I was pretty damn excited when this opened and had to try their fried fish sandwich (on the menu is cheese fish sangwich).

Another restaurant I was looking forward to try was Blue Collar Good Job. People were comparing their burgers to In-N-Out. If you know me, you know why I HAD to go try their burgers, asap. This burger joint was literally 2 doors down from Lake Trout, making the lunch crawl easier.

I'll do a proper review of both places over at Eat to Blog soon but I do plan to go back, many more times.

Both Lake Trout and Blue Collar Good Job have the same address, 160 Havemeyer St in South Williamsburg.