Lake Trout And Blue Collar Good Job

Lake TroutBlue Collar Good Job After a month long sleep, I finally felt like venturing out for some eating and food photo snapping. One of the restaurants I was waiting to open was Lake Trout. They're serving up fried fish, fried fish sandwich, crab cakes, fried shrimp and for the seafood haters...wings. The filet-o-fish from McDs is one of my favorite fast food sandwiches, though of course I haven't eaten one in a waaaaay long time. So I was pretty damn excited when this opened and had to try their fried fish sandwich (on the menu is cheese fish sangwich).

Another restaurant I was looking forward to try was Blue Collar Good Job. People were comparing their burgers to In-N-Out. If you know me, you know why I HAD to go try their burgers, asap. This burger joint was literally 2 doors down from Lake Trout, making the lunch crawl easier.

I'll do a proper review of both places over at Eat to Blog soon but I do plan to go back, many more times.

Both Lake Trout and Blue Collar Good Job have the same address, 160 Havemeyer St in South Williamsburg.

Birthday Burger

Corner Bistro Where would I be without my friends on my own birthday? I probably be grumpy and alone and eating my dying asparagus. Birthdays do not have to be elaborate or showy. All you need are friends (and a boss) to surprise you with a container of breakfast items from an Amish Market. Then your boss goes out to buy you a Doctor Who mug, yeh! Then followed by an impromptu burger and fries eatin, beer drinkin and conversations filled with laughin. And it wouldn't be a proper birthday without gettin some ice cream while huntin down Harry Potter because he's shooting a movie in the neighborhood.

Things like these make me grateful for what I have and where I am at now.

Corner Bistro

Corner Bistro

Corner Bistro