My End Of 2015 Fried Chicken Post

- My 2015 FavoritesManhattan Inntumblr_nssli5hMo91qgcixto1_1280If I had to pick the ONE fried chicken that just totally blew me away, this would be it. I can't believe none of the food media people wrote about this. Forget fuku, forget Root & Bone, forget everything...just go here.

Howlin Ray'sIMG_0056


Federal Donutstumblr_nusozix7Al1qgcixto1_1280

The Breslinthebreslin

Yafa DeliGS3A0190-1

Ma PecheGS3A4164-1

Gentry ChickenGS3A0372-10

*For more info on any of these places, check out my fried chicken project website

- Places Food Media People Are Not Talking About But Really Should All of these places serve EXCELLENT fried chicken yet I have never seen any of these places in any fried chicken lists. Manhattan Inn - See above J'eatjet? - I hate sausage gravy but the one served at J'eatjet? changed my mind. Egg - Looking for something simple and delicious and just a solid plate of fried chicken? Ma Peche - Yes, the food media loves David Chang and gets load of press but people mostly talk about the fried chicken dinner at the noodle bar and fuku. The habanero fried chicken at Ma Peche is crazy good and should be getting a lot more press. 44 & X - I had low expectation for this place but it surprised me. Marietta - Peaches HotHouse, the sister restaurant, gets most of the love because of their Nashville inspired hot chicken but Marietta does a better job. Yafa Deli - Anyone that loves fried chicken, knows about Yafa Deli but I rarely see it on any "Best Of" lists. Broadway Bakery - Feeling nostalgia? The fried chicken here tastes just like old school Kentucky Fried Chicken. Sidecar - A solid plate of fried chicken at this local Park Slope spot.

- Favorite Sandwiches Cheeky Sandwiches Wilfie & Nell Parson's Chicken and Fish Delaney Chicken The Commodore The Meat Hook Sandwich

- All The Places I've Been In 2015 -Manhattan The Breslin Hudson Common Maharlika Filipino Moderno Ma Peche Mighty Quinn's Barbeque Delaney Chicken The Smith 44 & X Wilfie & Nell Root & Bone Egg Shop Cheeky Sandwiches Birds & Bubbles Spitzer's Corner Bian Dang Pies N Thighs Seoul Chicken fuku+

-Brooklyn J'eatjet? The Commodore Wilma Jean Egg Yafa Deli Pies N Thighs Red Star Sandwich Shop Abilene Manhattan Inn Shake Shack Wangs Marietta Beehive Oven Esme Mayfield Endless Summer Sidecar Fawkner Keg and Lantern

-Queens Broadway Bakery Queens Comfort Sweet Afton Mister Chicken to Go BocBoc Chicken Delicious Engeline's Restaurant and Bakeshop

-Los Angeles Tokyo Fried Chicken Co. Ledlow Howlin Ray's Gentry Chicken

-Philly Federal Donuts

-Chicago Parson's Chicken and Fish Honey Butter Fried Chicken Longman and Eagle

Brunch In Bushwick

Mama Joy's Last week I trekked out to Bushwick to have brunch with few friends. We went to Mama Joy's, close to the Jefferson stop on the L. Brunch. The concept of brunch is pretty new to me. Well new like 6 years new. When I used to live in LA, we go to dim sum on the weekends and that technically is brunch. But dim sum, for some reason, didn't equal to me having brunch. Even when I moved to New York in 2003 for grad school. I mostly spent my weekends at school, doing work. Brunch was a sandwich at the local deli.

I didn't really get into brunch until I moved to Brooklyn in 2006. I can see why some would hate brunch. French toasts, pancakes, eggs Benedict, mimosa, 2 hour long waits...etc. Though for me brunch isn't so much about finding the best places for French toasts and wait 2 hours for it. Brunch for me is, alright, I had a long work week and it's time spent with friends, catching up and all. I will stay away from popular places, crowded places. Mama Joy's was good. Local spot, causal and it's sort of a place where you linger a bit. It helps that their house mimosa is PBR and oj ($2)!

Mama Joy'sMama Joy's

IMG_1797a copyMama Joy's