Matt & Phae

Finaly! my turnFinally....FINALLY they're getting married. They are 2 of the most wonderful, warm and brilliant people I know. They have truly become my 2nd family here. They constantly amaze me with their intelligence and creativity and their ability to consume large quantity of alcohol. Their ideas have helped me solved many of my problems and have sparked so many ideas for me. I still remember that day when I sat next to Phae because we both picked a blue circle. Who would've thought we become such close friends. Also thanks to her for getting me my current job. I really don't dare to think what I would be doing if I didn't stay here after grad school. I owe her a lot. As for Matt, well because of him I have come to appreciate Pabst, weird things on tv and on the internet and how to talk nonsense constantly while riding the subway. The me today is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay different from the me of 5yrs ago and I believe a large chunk of that is because Matt & Phae. I will do my best best as your wedding photographer.

Thank you.