Can't get enough iPhoneI have more film cameras than digital right now. Unlike most people I'm traveling backward. If I want to get better at photography I need to take more film. Two years ago I found a Canon Canonet G-III 17 QL at a second hand store. I quickly bought it for $25, not knowing if it was still functional. I bought a roll of fuji 400 to try it out and to my surprise it works! Though the shutter button was very sticky and was the main reason why I stopped using it. Some time last year my dad gave me his Nikon F3, two lenses and a flash. The shutter sound just sounded so awesome and the camera is very heavy. I bought three rolls of Fuji Velvia 50 and three rolls of Fuji 400. I didn't want to waste the Velvia 50 so I practiced with the 400s. The problem I had with the F3 was that its all manual. Every time I had to guess the shutter speed and aperture. Without anything auto, most of the photos I took were underexposed. So finally I bought a used Nikon N8008s. I was interested in shooting black and white with ISO1600 films. It's definitely tricky to shoot at night so it was important for me to have a camera that will tell me if I the right exposure or not. I kept looking at the back of the camera every time I snapped a photo. See the rest here.