Thursdays Are For Eating All The Meat You Can

The bbq plate from The Cardinal, East Village NYC.The Cardinal

It's so hard to put things into perspective. Things I think are important to me, are actually not that important. Like "oh shit, I lost my iPhone!" and then I go being all sad and complain a whole bunch because I lost my phone. Or that my boss is an ass and I just want to punch him in the face. Sure, these are all bad things but in the end, they are not that important.

I have my health, I make enough money for me to go out for drinks and to get bbq whenever I crave for it and I have a roof over my head. There are people out there that are way worse than I am. I understand it's hard to look beyond our own circle but try. I'm trying. I'm trying not to let one phone call make me depress or worry about the future and the what ifs.

You thought this was going to be about the delicious meat stuff I ate last night, sorry.