Sundays Are For Being Outdoors

Lonestar Taco*t, it was a beautiful day yesterday. I'm usually not the one that get so thrilled about a good weather (with breeze and fluffy clouds) day but yesterday was just too damn nice to NOT be outside. Also my friends at Lonestar Taco had tweeted about their fish taco special. Who doesn't like fish tacos!? Fish tacos here I come!....also plus a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge for Smorgas/DUMBO.

Lonestar Taco

Lonestar Taco Fluke a la plancha with salsa verde and mixed chili marmalade. Amazing! I also got a bean and cheese taco. Just beans and cheese, you ask? Yes. Lonestar Taco does great stuff to their beans so they're not just some ordinary beans.

Occupy Wall St Skywriting While walking over the Brooklyn Bridge, a lot of us noticed a plane was doing skywriting. I had to snap this photo because the plane skywrote #occupywallst RIGHT OVER Wall St.

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn BridgeBrooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge Park/Smorgasburg Made it. Besides on the waterfront in Williamsburg, Smorgasburg is now also in the Tobacco Warehouse in DUMBO on Sundays. No more having to trek out to Williamsburg.

Brooklyn Bridge Park/SmorgasburgBrooklyn Bridge Park/Smorgasburg

Brooklyn Bridge Park/Smorgasburg Grass, sitting by the water, view of the Manhattan skyline, waving to people on the party boats, eating fish and chips and drinking Arnold palmer with white peach mix-in slushies (from Kelvin Slush).

Brooklyn Bridge Park/Smorgasburg The view from where I was sitting. Happy days!

Brooklyn Bridge ParkSunday We then took a leisurely stroll down to Pier 6 for a beer up on their concession stand rooftop.

Beach Volleyball Drinking our beers and daydreaming about being future volleyball players.

Bark Hot Dog

Holga Lens On A Canon DSLR

Holga on Canon When I was home in LA, my sister gave me a Holga lens for the Canon dslr. I was definitely curious. I love shooting with my Holga that I got on the internet almost 10 years ago for only $10. But it has mostly been sitting on the shelf. So to actually get the same Holga look on my Canon..sure I'll give it a try.

It was fun to walk around with the Holga lens on and I did get some pretty interesting results. Though I'm glad I didn't have to pay $25 for it.

Holga on Canon

Holga on CanonHolga on Canon

Holga on Canon

Holga on CanonHolga on Canon

Holga on Canon

Holga on Canon