Favorite Quotes

I love quoting negative quotes and lyrics. I feel there's more depth in being negative than being positive. Now where's my pessimism button? Bleach "People have hope because they cannot see Death standing behind them"

Cowboy Bebop "I'm not going there to die. I'm going to see if I am really alive." "I'm just watching a bad dream that I can't wake up from."

Salyu ~ Liberty "I push my way through all the doubts that have piled up within you"

Hyde ~ Evergreen "If only I could stop the flow of time Turn the clock to yesterday Erasing all the pain"

~ Prayer "No one could ever know The sadness How it brings me down"

~ Shallow Sleep "In a shallow sleep I dreamt I was seeing you Just how I remembered Brimming with tenderness And somewhere in the calm A feeling that nothing had ever changed Your presence close beside me till I wake "

L'Arc-En-Ciel ~ Hoshizora "Nobody knows nobody cares"

~ Sunadokei (Hourglass) "Wishing for happiness calls upon more tragedy"

Masayoshi Yamazaki ~ One More Time One More Chance "I'm always searching, for your figure to appear somewhere On the opposite platform, in the windows along the lane Even though I know you couldn't be at such a place If my wish were to come true, I would be at your side right away There would be nothing I couldn't do I would put everything on the line and hold you tight"

Luna Sea ~ I For You "You still don't smile very well because even now, you still wear sadness around you"