A New York City Scene

Flatiron District, Madison Square Park NYC.Flatiron District

I found myself wandering around the Flatiron District on Saturday. Hungry, I was thinking about getting a burger at Shake Shack but instead got distracted by the near empty Madison Square Park and the cool night views around the park.

Flatiron District - Empire St Building It's been rainy since Friday night and while it stopped raining for a moment on Saturday, the clouds stuck by and covered the top of the Empire State Building. It almost looked like a giant robot was hiding in the clouds.

Flatiron District

Flatiron District A giant glowing LED buckyball sits in front of the Flatiron building.

Flatiron District

Flatiron District 24th Street looking towards Madison Square Park.

A Stroll

Madison Sq ParkFlatiron Some days when I feel down or lost (like I'm just standing still in my life) and just don't want to go home yet, I would take a longer route home. And when the weather is nice, I walk. I always tell myself and others that eventually will move back to LA but after 8.6years of living here I really doubt I'll be moving back. With all the crazy shit and tourists aside, NYC is a great place to just take a stroll. Walking from midtown to wherever does an awesome job at clearing my mind.

Trek on...