2011 In Food

JanuaryRoscoe's Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles Also be sure to check out the little video I made at Roscoe's

Dino's Burgers Dino's has good zucchini fries.

Siam Sunset My first time EVER in Thai Town.

February Van Horn Fried fish sandwich from Van Horn.

Dean St Dean St.

March Blarney Rock Pub Matt and I return to our favorite lunch spot, Blarney Rock Pub.

Bill's Bar & Burger Lunch at Bill's Bar and Burger.

Liddabit Sweets Behind-the-scenes at Liddabit Sweets.

April Pick Your Part dinner Nate Smith's pop-up dinner "Pick Your Part".

May Pie Corps The return of New Amsterdam Market.

Foodspotting party Foodspotting party at one of my favorite restaurant.

June Pork torta from Puebla Mini Market Pork torta from Puebla Mini Market.

Udon West Found my favorite bowl of oyakodon in Midtown.

Robicelli's Behind-the-scenes at Robicelli's.

La Newyorkina Behind-the-scenes at La Newyorkina.

Anarchy in a Jar Behind-the-scenes at Anarchy in a Jar.

July Philly Pinoy New craving, Filipino food.

Nom Wah Found my new favorite dim sum spot.

Sea Bean Goods Behind-the-scenes at Sea Bean Goods.

Rippers Took a day trip to Rockaway Beach.

August Pint Mash Up Celebrated my 8 years in NYC with beer floats.

Jalea Mixta Fried everything seafood in Jackson Heights.

Burger Last week of M.Wells.

Marlow & Sons Ice cream day at New Amsterdam Market.

September Fried chicken dinner Awesome fried chicken dinner at The Brooklyn Star.

Fried preserved eggs Fried preserved eggs are delicious.

Ranch roast beef New favorite sandwich joint in Rancho Cucamonga.

Jane's Sweet Buns Behind-the-scenes at Jane's Sweet Buns.

October Prime Meats Two years of talking about it, finally had lunch there.

The Cannibal Great for beer and meat lovers.

November Lobster Joint Excellent fish and chips in Greenpoint.

Hoisin pork and black rice grits w/ nori butter & Sichuan green beans Dim Sum Y'all!

Diner Three years of talking about it, finally made it for lunch.

Allswell A place I can go every single night to eat and drink.

December Baked Salmon Salad in a bagel I love you bagel.

Leckerlee Behind-the-scenes at Leckerlee.