Vast Sky And Boundless Sea

Fuji Pro 800Z on Nikon N8008s pro009

So many of you have asked what my new tattoo means. It's a song title (海闊天空) from Beyond, one of my favorite bands from Hong Kong. In a nutshell, the song is about being free, carry on with your dreams and ideals, in this vast sky and boundless sea. I thought it was a good tattoo to get right near my birthday and as I'm really questioning myself about my own future.

To make the tattoo more meaningful, I had my parents right out the song title. So my tattoo is in their handwriting.

I found a pretty good translation of the song here:

Today, I see the swirl of snowflakes in a cold night I (too) swirl afar with a chilled heart I give chase braving wind and rain Unable to make out the shadowy trace in the mist There’s a boundless sky and sea Would you and I change? (Who are not changing?!)

Many times, I face up to cold shoulders and ridicule Never have I given up the ideal inside my mind In a fleeting trance I feel as if something is missing In an unconscious way Love has faded from my heart (Who understands me?!)

Forgive me, I’ve been an unruly, untamed freedom-lover all my life I too fear I might fall down someday Abandoning the ideal -- everyone might do it Don’t worry that only you and I might someday

Still carefree and self-reliant Forever singing aloud my own song Going everywhere