A Photo A Day 39 - 59

Feb 8th 2010 Monday a.m., a bear smiles at me.Feb 8th 2010

Feb 9th 2010 Soho Feb 9th 2010

Feb 10th 2010 Snow day begins. Feb 10th 2010

Feb 11th 2010 Picking a book for the flight. Feb 11th 2010

Feb 12th 2010 At JFK Feb 12th 2010

Feb 13th 2010 Family going through old photos. Feb 13th 2010

Feb 14th 2010 My backyard Feb 14th 2010

Feb 15th 2010 Buddhist temple for Chinese New Year. Feb 15th 2010

Feb 16th 2010 Ready for flight back to NYC. Feb 16th 2010

Feb 17th 2010 7a.m. view at Howard Beach. Feb 17th 2010

Feb 18th 2010 Dinner at Ultimate Burgers & Dogs. Feb 18th 2010

Feb 19th 2010 He's back! Feb 19th 2010

Feb 20th 2010 Eh...bloody egg. Feb 20th 2010

Feb 21st 2010 An afternoon at Draft Barn. Feb 21st 2010

Feb 22nd 2010 At No Idea? Bar Feb 22nd 2010

Feb 23rd 2010 Finally filled up my card. Feb 23rd 2010

Feb 24th 2010 Tried to make a Vietnamese omelette. Feb 24th 2010

Feb 25th 2010 Via Audio show at Union Hall. Feb 25th 2010

Feb 26th 2010 Poor bread Feb 26th 2010

Feb 27th 2010 Afternoon at Prospect Park sledding and building snow bears. Feb 27th 2010

Feb 28th 2010 Currently my desk is quite messy. Feb 28th 2010

A Photo A Day 32 – 38

I've been really lacking any thought, creative and enthusiasm with these "A Photo A Day" thing. There were few days that I actually forgot! *sigh hopefully I'll get out of this little hole soon. Feb 1st 2010 - The remains of a housemade marshmallow after I drank all of the hot cocoa. Feb 1st 2010 - Melted marshmallow

Feb 2nd 2010 - Construction in Chinatown. Feb 2nd 2010

Feb 3rd 2010 - Steam trail. Feb 3rd 2010

Feb 4th 2010 - Scott shows off his print in DUMBO Feb 4th 2010

Feb 5th 2010 - Probably one of my favorite Halal trucks to go to for lunch. Feb 5th 2010 - Lunch time

Feb 6th 2010 - I hope this will become a German restaurant. Feb 6th 2010 - Hope its a Germany rst

Feb 7th 2010 - After failing in joining the gym, I rewarded myself with a snack. Feb 7th 2010 - Snack time

A Photo A Day 25 - 31

Jan 22nd 2010 - In Tribeca about to eat at Edward'sJan 22nd 2010 - display

Jan 23rd 2010 - Our heat didn't work for 2 days. Jan 23rd 2010 - had no heat

Jan 24rd 2010 - Sorry its a lame photo but I forgot to take one that day. Jan 24th 2010 - 4 months later still in bag

Jan 25th 2010 - Random snow day. Jan 25th 2010 - random snow day

Jan 26th 2010 - Blank as a wall. Jan 26th 2010 - i gotz nothing

Jan 27th 2010 - Eating ice cream in 10degree weather. Jan 27th 2010 - ice cream in 10degree weather

Jan 28th 2010 - Literally street art. Jan 28th 2010 - street art

A Photo A Day 18 - 24

Jan 18th 2010 A stroll through Prospect Park after getting banh mi.Jan 18th 2010 Prospect Park

Jan 19th 2010 Walking down Hester St to Hong Kong Supermarket. Jan 19th 2010 Hester St.

Jan 20th 2010 Different modes of transportation. Jan 20th 2010 Modes of Transportation

Jan 21st 2010 Milk Bar, banana cake still the best. Jan 21st 2010 Chip

Jan 22nd 2010 Gowanus after Draft Barn. Jan 22nd 2010 9th St.

Jan 23rd 2010 Brooklyn brunch. Jan 23rd 2010 Brooklyn Brunch

Jan 24th 2010 Nothing more scary than Valentine's Day. Jan 24th 2010 Freaky VDay