A Photo A Day 18 - 24

Jan 18th 2010 A stroll through Prospect Park after getting banh mi.Jan 18th 2010 Prospect Park

Jan 19th 2010 Walking down Hester St to Hong Kong Supermarket. Jan 19th 2010 Hester St.

Jan 20th 2010 Different modes of transportation. Jan 20th 2010 Modes of Transportation

Jan 21st 2010 Milk Bar, banana cake still the best. Jan 21st 2010 Chip

Jan 22nd 2010 Gowanus after Draft Barn. Jan 22nd 2010 9th St.

Jan 23rd 2010 Brooklyn brunch. Jan 23rd 2010 Brooklyn Brunch

Jan 24th 2010 Nothing more scary than Valentine's Day. Jan 24th 2010 Freaky VDay