Episode 1

Tuesday May 1

Sunny 79 degrees WNW 6mph

Lunch: Breakfast burrito at Irving Farm in Midtown East

Currently listening to Scandal - Take Me Out


I'm not quite sure why I wanted (or had the urge to) to start blogging again. Maybe because I have pretty much stopped posting on Facebook and Twitter. I'm mostly just reading stuff. And so I need a new (or old) outlet for my thoughts. Maybe also because in 10 or 20 years, I would like to know what I ate for lunch on May 1 2018.

Seriously though it's easy to remember the big events in your life. It's quite hard to remember the smaller and mundane stuff. Like having a normal commute with normal delays which nowadays is a miracle. Also feeling great about my decision to have a breakfast burrito and a cortado for lunch. There was bacon in the burrito. And then there was a quick pizza meet up with a buddy that I don't see that often anymore. We love pizza. He's sort of off doing his own thing with his gf, living his life. And I'm doing my own thing with my gf. We have our own paths but I think it's important to hang out and meet up in real life once in a while. And finally my lady and I made a folded cheeseburger in a tortilla. It was inspired by the amazing folded cheeseburger pita from Miznon in Chelsea Market. It was mighty delicious. She saved me half of a cookie from The City Bakery. (*heart) We both agreed The City Bakery makes some of the best cookies in NYC.

Side note, Francis Lam's podcast voice is quite soothing to the ears as you're getting ready to sleep.