Brunch In Bushwick

Mama Joy's Last week I trekked out to Bushwick to have brunch with few friends. We went to Mama Joy's, close to the Jefferson stop on the L. Brunch. The concept of brunch is pretty new to me. Well new like 6 years new. When I used to live in LA, we go to dim sum on the weekends and that technically is brunch. But dim sum, for some reason, didn't equal to me having brunch. Even when I moved to New York in 2003 for grad school. I mostly spent my weekends at school, doing work. Brunch was a sandwich at the local deli.

I didn't really get into brunch until I moved to Brooklyn in 2006. I can see why some would hate brunch. French toasts, pancakes, eggs Benedict, mimosa, 2 hour long waits...etc. Though for me brunch isn't so much about finding the best places for French toasts and wait 2 hours for it. Brunch for me is, alright, I had a long work week and it's time spent with friends, catching up and all. I will stay away from popular places, crowded places. Mama Joy's was good. Local spot, causal and it's sort of a place where you linger a bit. It helps that their house mimosa is PBR and oj ($2)!

Mama Joy'sMama Joy's

IMG_1797a copyMama Joy's