Capture Brooklyn

The New York Photo Festival just ended accepting entries to their "Capture Brooklyn" exhibition. It's very simple. They asked you to capture what Brooklyn is to you. Yes the idea is simple but execution was hard. First I had to define what Brooklyn meant to me. Been living here for the past 4 years but there are still so many places in Brooklyn that I have yet to explore. Well definitely without people in Brooklyn there wouldn't be a Brooklyn. What makes Brooklyn stand out more from the other boroughs are the many exciting food related things happening in Brooklyn right now! I'll find out next week if any of my photos make it into the show or something. But I'm going to continue this photo project, I guess it was just a natural evolution of my Process photo project.

The Meat Hook The Meat Hook

Cathy Erway of Lunch at Sixpoint and Not Eating Out In New York Cathy Erway

Eastern District Eastern District