A Walk Home

Whenever the weather is nice out and that I just don't feel like going home yet, I would walk home from work. It's about a 5mile trek from Midtown South to Brooklyn. I usually walk the same path which takes me from Midtown South down on Broadway to Madison Square Park to Union Sqaure where I would stop to say hi to Doug from the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck. Sometimes I would get a Salty Pimp from Doug and continue on my way. Walking across Union Square holding an ice cream cone is pretty nice. Then I walk down 3rd Ave through the East Village which turns into Bowery. I go from Noho to Soho to Chinatown and through the City Hall area to the Brooklyn Bridge entrance. The Brooklyn Bridge is a tough walk because of all the tourists walking reeeaaaal slow and standing around snapping photos. Sorry but I kind of find it funny and a little satisfying when they get yelled at by oncoming bikers because they're in the bike lane. After I get off the Brooklyn Bridge I walk through Cadman Plaza and down Boerum Place and home! If I don't stop anywhere I can make it home in about an hour. I need better shoes though, chucks were never made for long walks. 31st & BroadwayMadison Sq

Madison Sq

Madison Sq


Cooper Union

Construction outside of Village Voice