Liberty by Salyu

I love the lyrics for this song.

I push my way through all the doubts that have piled up within you and reach my hands out towards the inner core of them all; Ah… come to my realm that you may meet me, now, because the two of us haven’t started anything yet

Because of these frenetic days pushing me forward on my back, I spilt these promises that I’ve been carefully carrying; If I could pick them all up and gather them together, I wonder if I could create wings from those fragments?

The morning arrives, and I saw eye to eye with my frustrations, so that they may teach me just how much there is in the way of the meaning of living

And nobody knows of those eyes of mine that lie in the inner core of those doubts that have piled up obscenely

I throw away that aged compass that no longer points towards anywhere within the sea of my heart

I want to chase after my fate, so that I may meet you; This sky will not suffice anymore – and I stood stock-still

Ah… my screams, brimming over, shine light upon me – and the shadow of the freedom that’s just started grows; Ah… I will have to overcome the discomfort I’ve grasped within my hands if I am to liberate myself…

And I can find air currents to bring me high up into the air, higher than the place where the winds blows strongly

Ah… I want to love these doubts that I’ve protected till now – and those eyes that have been waiting in the inner core now open

Ah… my screams, brimming over, shine light upon me – and I liberate myself; Ah… I shall go to my realm that I may meet you