Brooklyn Is Home

Six years ago, I would have never thought of living here. Back in Los Angeles, I knew so little about everything. I knew about New York City and actually took a short trip to the Big Apple in December of 2002. I had no idea that this would be my home for the next 6 years, half in the city and half in Brooklyn. When I used to live in East Harlem, Brooklyn was so far away that I didn't quite bother to know about it. Then one by one my friends started to move to Brooklyn. Finally in June 2006 I made my move. After 3 years I have no desire to move back into the city. Manhattan is nice to look at from afar but there's just too many damn people.Brooklyn Promenade

I love where I'm currently living. Close enough to the Brooklyn Promenade, my favorite place to take a relaxing walk, and the Brooklyn Bridge. Every time I walk by Grimaldi's I find it funny to see people standing in the long line. I did that couple of times when I first came to NYC/Brooklyn. Now I know Grimaldi's isn't all that. DUMBO

I hate the summer time in NYC because it's very humid but that's when everything fun happens. Brooklyn Flea right under the bridge, Red Hook ball fields, free movies at the park or pier or roof top or the taxi beach. I have been trying to go to the flea market on 1 Sunday for lobster rolls and the next Sunday to Red Hook for freakin yummie Latin food. Brooklyn FleaClouds...

Brooklyn is just more calm.