I Am Proud Of Them

Matt & Phae Wedding 5/3I still remember last last Christmas at Matt's parents' basement, I was doing their wedding research. Looking at venues, coming up with ideas and signing up for theknot.com (eh....). We all knew I was more excited about their wedding than they were. But after 17 months and 2 of those were actual planning and doing wedding stuff, they got married! Of course I was their photographer. I would've fought for the job if I had to.

The most awesome part of their wedding was the traditional outfits they both wore. Scottish + Korean! Matt & Phae Wedding 5/3

The ceremony took place at The Old Stone House. The stone house was in the middle of a major battle in the Battle For Brooklyn during the Revolutionary War. The first floor is a museum and is dedicated to the history of the battle. I love the Old Stone House because its so quirky and its in a park but sucky that it was pouring that day. The wedding was held on the second floor. Everyone did such a great job at decorating the place. LED lanterns! Matt & Phae Wedding 5/3

The whole wedding was nice and cozy. Super super sweet and was great to see lots of old friends again. But what REALLY made everyone teared up was Matt's vows. I've been friends with him for close to 6years now and I have never heard him say such heartfelt words before. Then he killed everybody with by singing their favorite song! I knew he was going to do it couple weeks before when he told me but when you're there at that moment you couldn't help but cry. Here's the last part of the song that I shot on my camera.

I Will Run After You from Donny Tsang on Vimeo.

The reception took place at Stone Park Cafe. I've heard many good things about this restaurant but never made it for brunch nor dinner. Matt would just not shut up about their food. The atmosphere was quite nice, table settings were simple yet elegant and the service was excellent. What was also great about Stone Park Cafe was that they were nice enough to provide coffee, tea, juice and fruit platters before the ceremony at the Old Stone House. It was such a great idea to have the reception at a nice restaurant because you know you'll be getting great great food unlike those mass produced hotel dinners. Most of the people at my table ordered the same thing. Asparagus risotto for the starter and steak for entree. John, Phaedra's friend made the best food faces! He looked like he was in risotto heaven. All the dishes were amazing!! I really wanted seconds. My steak was perfectly cooked to medium rare and perfectly seasoned. Oh yeah I also got a special plate of bone marrow because I was special. Also they were nice enough to offer to make whatever wedding cake Matt and Phaedra wanted. The red velvet cake was sooooo good. Thanks Stone Park Cafe. Matt & Phae Wedding 5/3

Matt & Phae Wedding 5/3

Matt & Phae Wedding 5/3

Matt & Phae Wedding 5/3

After the reception, we went to The Gate for a quick drink and then off to Bell House for crazy karaoke. Matt & Phae Wedding 5/3

Can't believe it's already a month since the wedding. Congrads again. Matt & Phae Wedding 5/3

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