Better Days

Better DaysSo now you go again with all your crazy dreams and I wanna hold you so close to make you feel so safe oh let me show you better days ~ Fayray

Better days. There are days when I just love to take aimless walks. Most of the time I leave my cellphone at home just so I can truly wander by myself. With my camera in my bag and music playing in my earphones I wander around town for hours. Then once in a while my heart starts to ache. Aching for that long lost relationship that I have tried so hard to forget but everyone knows you can never forget that one person. I gave my whole heart to that person. We don't talk anymore but she still has a piece of my heart. As I walk these streets, in my own little world, her absence in my life haunts me.

I wander alone.

On these streets, better days don't exist.