5cm per second

Makoto Shinka is my new anime idol!!  He has created two of my favorite animes "The Place Promised In Our Early Days" and "5 Centimeters Per Second."  The idea of distance between people is the recurring theme in all of this stories.  It's a very simple idea and it's something everyone goes through.  People come and go and all you're left with are memories.  Besides solid storytelling, the level of animation and scenery in the 2 films are so freakin beautiful!!  I would buy a better tv just to watch these 2 movies.  Last night I watched "5 cm per second" and I just couldn't help but to think of myself. The two main characters were the bestest friends in their childhood then as they grew older and further apart they were left with only the letters they had sent to each other.  They were in love with one another but being physically apart didn't make it possible.  Eventually the girl found another guy and the boy still thinks about the girl.  The theme song, "One More Time, One More Chance" by Masayohi Yamazaki sums it up quite nicely and sad. ~I always end up looking for your smile, to appear somewhere At the railroad crossing, waiting for the express to pass Even though I know you couldn't be at such a place If our lives could be repeated, I would be at your side every time I would want nothing else Besides you, nothing else matters