Wednesdays Are For Eating Turkey

Court Street Grocers, Carroll Gardens BrooklynTurkey Club

Stare into the deliciousness...

Last Thanksgiving, Brian showed me a magnificent turkey club sandwich. I love the turkey club because you get turkey and bacon and mayo and lettuce and toasts! But I have to say, Court Street Grocers' version may just be my favorite one.....because it's..........confit dark meat, roast white meat, bacon, mayo, lettuce, triple decker on white.

Confit-ey, turkey-y, bacon-y goodness.

Tuesdays Are For Butts, Legs And Sides Y'all

City Grit, SoHo City Grit

I'm a big fan of City Grit and Sarah Simmons and I always enjoy whatever foods Sarah pumps out of the kitchen. Last night was no exception and may just be my favorite City Grit dinner so far.

Along with Anh, Molly and her dad we ATTACKED the plates of bo ssam and fried oysters all served with lettuce, rice grits and few different sauces. What a grand pork butt it was. Sarah said it was her take on David Chang's bo ssam dinner but instead of raw oysters, she fried her's (which I prefer).

OH but there was still more food, a plate of fried chicken thighs/legs landed in front of us, along with sauteed spinach with pickled raisins (nice touch!) and southern fried rice.

To finish the dinner off, it was lemon posset with macaroons and macha cream.

GOOD GOD, HOLY MOLY what a fantastic dinner.

City Grit

City Grit

City Grit

City Grit

City Grit