A Photo A Day 32 – 38

I've been really lacking any thought, creative and enthusiasm with these "A Photo A Day" thing. There were few days that I actually forgot! *sigh hopefully I'll get out of this little hole soon. Feb 1st 2010 - The remains of a housemade marshmallow after I drank all of the hot cocoa. Feb 1st 2010 - Melted marshmallow

Feb 2nd 2010 - Construction in Chinatown. Feb 2nd 2010

Feb 3rd 2010 - Steam trail. Feb 3rd 2010

Feb 4th 2010 - Scott shows off his print in DUMBO Feb 4th 2010

Feb 5th 2010 - Probably one of my favorite Halal trucks to go to for lunch. Feb 5th 2010 - Lunch time

Feb 6th 2010 - I hope this will become a German restaurant. Feb 6th 2010 - Hope its a Germany rst

Feb 7th 2010 - After failing in joining the gym, I rewarded myself with a snack. Feb 7th 2010 - Snack time